3 Options for Treating Gallstones in Surrey

3 Options for Treating Gallstones in Surrey

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Do you suspect you have gallstones? If you are in Surrey, your local doctor will be able to test for gallstones and be able to suggest the best treatment options for your particular case. It is a good idea to see a Surrey doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of gallstones, as many infections and digestive problems can produce the same symptoms. The most common way of checking for the presence of gallstones is with an ultrasound examination. This is a procedure where the doctor uses high-frequency sound waves to generate a picture of the gallbladder and the surrounding area, to check for stones.

What are your options for treating gallstones in Surrey? Take a look at the surgical solutions, and other options, for gallstone treatment in Surrey.

  1. Wait and Watch

In many cases of gallstones in Surrey and beyond, the gallstone never recurs. While it may be painful to have a gallstone attack, around one third of cases are one-offs. The gallstone may dissolve or it will get dislodged and will not cause any more problems. Doctors often monitor gallstone symptoms over a period of time to check if the problem recurs.

  1. Non-Surgical Interventions

There are non-surgical methods that can be used to get rid of gallstones, but these will not prevent gallstones from appearing again. Gallstones are sometimes dissolved with bile salt although this can take many years to be successful and often patients are taking pills for the rest of their life. Shockwave therapy is one way of fragmenting the gallstones and then using bile salt to dissolve the smaller pieces. Contact dissolution is a way of dissolving gallstones by injecting a drug directly into the gallbladder.

  1. Surgery for Gallstones

While the above methods may work to relieve symptoms, they are not generally recommended as the best choice of treatment for gallstone. Gallstone surgery in surrey is a better option as it gets rid of the gallstone problem and prevents it from recurring. Gallbladder removal is an option, where the gallbladder is completely removed as it does not serve a life-essential purpose. There are complications from the procedure such as risk of diarrhoea and the need to eat a low-fat diet, but it can be a permanent solution to gallstone problems.

The removal of the gallbladder may be carried out with open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. Open surgery is where a large incision is made in the abdomen. The recovery time is relatively long, and there is the risk of complications. Laparoscopic surgery is simpler, with a shorter recover time, and is very safe. It is the preferred method of removing the gallbladder in surrey hospitals.


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