4 Types of Hair Damage Compensation Claim

4 Types of Hair Damage Compensation Claim

It seems a simple thing to go to the hairdressers, get your hair cut or coloured, and leave looking a lot better. You pay your money, you spend your time in the salon chair, and you are rewarded with a new look. This is the case in the vast majority of cases, but sometimes a simple hairdressing procedure goes wrong. Sometimes the chemicals used are the wrong ones, or they are left on too long, or the irons are too hot, or the procedure is the wrong one.

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Despite the risks, hairdressing is still largely unregulated. General health and safety procedures need to be followed but not much else. Which means there is the possibility of making a legal claim for damages following negligent hairdressing. Take a look at these cases of hair damage that may result in a legal claim.

  1. Hair Dye Products

Hair dyes are full of extremely strong chemicals and sometimes they can cause an allergic reaction. There should always be a patch test carried out and the correct product must be used on the hair. If the product is left on too long it can damage the hair and the scalp.

  1. Perming

Having a perm can severely damage the hair if the products are left on too long. There may also be scalp irritation and severe dermatitis if the procedure is not carried out correctly. Sometimes hair damage claims are made because the hair becomes so thin it never properly recovers.

  1. Hair Extensions

When you have hair extensions you risk problems as the glue used to attach the hair is applied in the wrong way, or is applied too hot and burns the scalp. There may be a severe allergic reaction to the products used for hair extensions. There should always be a strand test before the extensions are put in, and the hairdresser should be experienced enough in the procedure to avoid hair damage.

  1. Hair Straightening

Hair straightening is also a chemical procedure that needs to be properly administered. Since straightening also changes the structure of the hair it is important that this is done correctly. Serious hair damage claims have been brought about by the incorrect use of hair straightening products. Common problems due to hair straightening procedures include scalp irritation, allergic reactions, burns to the scalp, and damage to hair follicles.

If you experience any form of hair damage as a result of a hairdressing procedure then check with a solicitor to see if you can make a claim. Many hair damage claims are highly serious, and it is important to consult a professional solicitor in order to progress your case in the correct manner.

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