Slipping and Falling is Not as Harmless as it Seems

Slipping and Falling is Not as Harmless as it Seems

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When making home improvements, there are a number of things to consider, the improvement obviously must make the living space more comfortable, and should also add value to the property. Safety is also an issue, and if you are thinking of resurfacing your driveway, you want something with good traction, even in the wet. The number of people who injure themselves from a fall on the drive is a reflection of just how real the dangers are, and over time, the surface can harbour mould, and dirt and grime will stick to this, causing a very slippery layer to form.

Exposed Aggregate – The Best Surface

Any exterior surface is a potential danger as far as slipping over is concerned, whether the patio, pathways or even the drive, you need a surface that will never become slippery, even when wet. If a person is looking for exposed aggregate driveways in Perth, or any other city, there are online companies that specialise in aggregate concrete solutions for the residential and commercial sectors. Accidents usually happen due to a combination of factors, a dark and windy night, a person has dropped their car keys, the wet drive surface is very slippery, they stoop to pick up the keys and take a tumble. Aggregate concrete eliminates the possibility of a person falling due to a slippery floor surface, and this is the ideal material for a number of reasons.

Pool Areas

If a person is going to experience a fall, it is more than likely to be in the pool area, which is constantly wet, and with young children who like to chase each other around the pool perimeter, exposed aggregate is the perfect finish. Liquid limestone has a unique property which makes it an ideal surface for the home, as it does not retain heat, so you can walk barefoot, even on the hottest of days.

New Homes

If you are about to design and build your own home in Western Australia, you can get exposed aggregate in Perth fromĀ, and with a wide range of colours and finishes, there is something for everyone. By using the right combination of colours and finishes, you can surface the patio, pathways, and driveway, which will give the property some depth. From a safety point of view, this is ideal, as every exterior surface is non-slip, and exposed aggregate is very easy to maintain, with a wash and brush every now and then, it will always remain in pristine condition.

Adequate Lighting

This is another factor that might cause someone to lose their balance and fall, and with modern LED solutions, you can install motion sensors around the garden, and the lights will automatically come on when a person enters the area.

Exposed aggregate is a cost effective way to surface any exterior area, and with so many options of colour and finish, you can really enhance the home. Talk to the experts who can advise you on all aspects of your driveway or terrace.

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