What Happens When you Brace Teeth?

What Happens When you Brace Teeth?

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Dental braces are quite amazing in that they are able to move a person’s teeth over a period of time to straighten or correct over or under biting. Orthodontic cases, as they are also known, consist of four components, and stresses are applied to specific locations, and this facilitates a level of movement in the teeth.

The Brace Components

A typical set of teeth braces would comprise of the brackets, which are attached to each tooth by either adhesive or a steel band. The arch wire is the thin metal wire that runs from bracket to bracket, which puts pressure on the teeth. The ligature elastic is the final piece, sometimes call an o-ring, which is a thin coloured elastic strip that keeps the bracket on the arch wire.

Constant Pressure

Dental braces are designed to apply constant pressure, and if properly adjusted by an orthodontist, the teeth will gradually realign. The braces must be fitted by a qualified person, and the patient will need to have regular adjustment sessions, depending on the results. If your teeth aren’t as straight as they could be, and you live in the Perth area, why not try invisible braces by Harmony Orthodontics, and regain that Hollywood smile.

Bone Remodeling

This is the technical name for the process that realigns the teeth, where the pressure on the teeth causes the gum tissue to compress on one side and stretch on the other, which creates a gap, and the bone grows into that gap, thus changing the angle of the tooth. This natural process occurs whenever bone is put under stress and with repetition, the bone density becomes stronger. A person’s teeth are all socketed into bone and lined with the periodontal ligament (PDL), and it is the movement of the PDL that causes the underlying bone to harden and change shape.

Modern Solutions

One of the reasons why people are reluctant to wear dental braces is the drastic change it makes to one’s appearance. If you are a business person and have to deal with people all day long, dental braces can seriously affect your self-confidence, and this is where invisible braces come into play. Attached to the insides of the teeth, they are not visible from the outside, and are very popular with self-conscious people who must wear braces for a few months.  If you are looking for invisible braces in Perth, or any other city, a simple online search will help locate an orthodontic clinic in your area.

Removable Braces

Another reason people are reluctant to have braces fitted is that they cannot be removed, but with the latest generation of orthodontic devices, you can easily remove them for cleaning, or if you just fancy a break. The wearer must have a level of self-discipline and remember to wear the braces most of the time, otherwise the results will be negligible.

Dental braces have helped people straighten their teeth or correct slight jaw misalignments, and have evolved into the invisible and very efficient devices we see today.

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