The Top Things You can Do to Lessen Your Exposure to EMFs

The Top Things You can Do to Lessen Your Exposure to EMFs

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EMF (electromagnetic frequency) is a real thing – even though we cannot see it and are often unaware of its existence, it could lead to many temporary ailments (headaches and nausea, for example) or even chronic diseases such as cancer or diseases that affect the nervous system. This is because every electrical tool or electrical radiation has the potential to interfere with our normal body functions (it could, for example, interfere with the way our neurons and nerve cells fire off their own electrons), which in turn can interfere with normal cell growth or bodily data transmission. It’s a hazard that is real, and mostly brought on by the increase of technology.

Luckily, there are many things we can do to make sure we are safe. Have you ever wondered what EMF is, and how you can prevent its negative effects? Here are the top things you can do to lessen your exposure to EMF.

What is EMF?

EMF is a natural phenomenon whereby objects (including animals and plants) emit a certain radiation. In and of itself it is harmless; however, modern technology has increased the hazard. Mobile phones, WiFi, microwaves (just to name a few) all emit EMF at high doses – far higher doses than we are designed to handle.

How it affects us

EMF can affect the way our natural bodies work. For example, it can lead to unusual cell activity, or interfere with our nervous system. EMF has been linked to temporary ailments and chronic diseases.

What you can do

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself from EMF:

  • In the office – avoid WiFi areas and work away from laptops by using an extra keyboard. The further away you are from the sources of EMF, the lower the hazard.
  • In the bedroom – turn off all electronic devices, or keep them away from you whilst you sleep.
  • Check the lights – avoid installing low-voltage halogen.
  • Installing filters – Graham-Stetzer filters are an excellent way to avoid the radiation and protect your home from the harm EMF poses.
  • Keeping distance – remember: the further away you are from the source, the safer you are.
  • Use EMF protection products such as shields, pendants, and the like – often made with natural crystals and stones and other materials

The fact is that the problems with EMF are a relatively new phenomenon; throughout the ages we have never had to deal with such issues, because it is only recently that our lives depend so much on the innovations of later years. However, in study after study, more people are becoming cognizant of the facts about EMF. Too much is dangerous, and it’s only wise to protect yourself. Take steps now! It’s the health of yourself and your loved ones that we’re talking about, after all.


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