Physical Benefits of Walking

Physical Benefits of Walking


Walking is so good for your health. Aside from the physical benefits, it also helps with emotional as well. Being outside releases endorphins, which can help with anxiety or depression. A lot of therapy is done outdoors, in the sunshine, instead of on a couch or chair. Walking is great for a person both physically and mentally.

One of these new crazes that are sweeping the nation are walking and running clubs. Whether you are old, young, pregnant, a new dad, or just trying to stay healthy, there is a club you can join where you won’t feel judged or left out.

If your neighborhood doesn’t have one of these said walking clubs, they are super easy to start. Basically, you can either promote it yourself, or see if you can find a local partner to team up with. The rest is just staying committed and making sure you keep your members excited about walking.

Here’s how to start your very own walking club:

Step 1: IDENTIFY A LOCAL PARTNER. Call community-based organizations near you to see if they would be interested in joining forces to help you start a walking group. .

Step 2: “CALLING ALL WALKERS” Promote your group to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Step 3: KICK IT OFF. A kick-off meeting is a great way to get the group together so everyone can meet. You can have the meeting at your house or at a public place, like a local park or coffee shop.

Step 4: SET GOALS. Encourage members to set goals for themselves and for the team. Maybe suggest increasing the amount of time you walk each week or changing routes to include more difficult terrain.

Step 5: START WALKING. It’s as simple as that. But be sure you remind your team members by phone or e-mail the night before your first walk.

Step 6: CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS! You did it! Now go walk your way to victory!

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