4 Occasions When You Can Make a Beauty Injury Claim

4 Occasions When You Can Make a Beauty Injury Claim

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You may be aware of your ability to make a personal injury claim if you get hit by a car, or injured at work, but did you know that personal injury claims are also made if you suffer injury in the beauty salon, hairdresser’s, or spa? It may seem like getting your hair coloured or your lashes tinted is the safest and easiest thing possible, but there are thousands of incidents every year that show otherwise – beauty injury claims are on the rise. If you have experienced one of the following injuries, you may be entitled to compensation.

  1. Wax Treatment Injuries

Hot wax is applied to some of the most sensitive parts of the body for hair removal and when it goes well it can be highly effective. But if something goes wrong and the wax is applied incorrectly, you can end up with burns, scarring, and pain. It is very important that proper procedures are followed and that the professional carrying out the treatment is skilled and experienced.

  1. Facial Treatments and Associated Injuries

There are a variety of facial treatments that can lead to injuries, including eyebrow and eyelash tinting, makeup application, piercing, acupuncture, and derma filler or derma roller procedures. You may end up with facial scarring or allergic reactions where a proper skin test was not carried out at the start of the consultation.

  1. Dangerous Body Treatments

Many beauty injury claims come about after incorrectly administered body treatments like manicures, piercings, acupuncture, tanning, fillers, and more. Body treatments can leave you with burns, scars, infections, or allergic reactions, and the injuries can result in permanent damage.

  1. Laser Hair Removal Dangers

Lasers are used in plenty of salons nowadays to treat everything from wrinkles to skin resurfacing. Laser treatments are quick and effective, but they can cause burns and scalds if the lasers are not properly set up or are directed at the skin with the wrong strength. Laser hair removal may be particularly problematic and can result in permanent skin problems.

If you have experienced injury while undergoing a skin treatment or procedure, consult an experienced beauty claims lawyer. Sometimes the process of making a personal injury claim for beauty injuries can be complex, and it is a good idea to go through the process with a professional who is experienced in these kinds of cases.


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